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Bitcoin Invest4u Ltd. was founded as a multinational finance corporation in 2016. Bitcoin Invest4u Ltd. is a Canadian-based company and also has a London-based branch. Of course to get started with our clients, we were forced to get official registration. Taking into account the fact that most of our traders are British citizens, we have registered the company in London. If necessary, our customers can visit our office on a large business center at the address 73 Francis Road, Birmingham, B16 8SP United Kingdom.

Registration data, as well as the necessary documents can be found and downloaded as .pdf files from the official database of Companies House:

Who We Are?

Bitcoin Invest4u Ltd. is a team of investment experts. We recommend long-term profit plan for our investors. Bitcoin Invest4u Ltd. is never HYIP or Ponzi scheme! We utilize our investments in bitcoin/ethereum mining and trade, short term bitcoin lending plans (to market), and in exchange trade in foreign exchange groups. You may find our profit rates a little lower since we provide real investment plans because we do not sell dreams! We share a real and reliable trading profit rates!

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Company No. 10372977
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Our website is completely customized. We have developed a platform where you can be sure your personal and financial details are safe due to our military grade SSL protection, custom DDoS Protection & Dedicated Servers. Our returns are totally transparent, you can see the previous earnings back to the day our website was launched.

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We even pay you referral commission if you invite people to us, so you don't even have to spend a single dollar to earn money with Bitcoin Invest4u Ltd! By working with the most secure e-currencies, you can be sure your money is at safe hands with us. We are providing you features such as INSTANT deposits and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS, so you don't need to wait for bank transfers to complete. You will have your money at the time you request it.

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